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Raymond Burley

Mosaic Editions Catalogue List

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released 2017

I’d like to introduce you to a new series of guitar publications, Mosaic Editions. It will include arrangements for solo guitar and guitar ensemble all made by Raymond Burley.

Each edition comprises a full score and separate guitar parts. All the pieces are arranged for standard instruments.

To avoid cluttering the smaller notation of the score, phrase marks appear on the parts only.

The cost of each item is £10 which can be paid using PayPal. Each edition has its own page on the website in this section where you can see a sample of the music before you purchase and details on how to order.

The list of pieces will increase over the coming months; the current catalogue is as follows:

001: ALBÉNIZ: Zambra Granadina (3 Guitars)

002: ALBENIZ: Zortzico (3 Guitars)

003: ALBÉNIZ: Sous le palmier (3 Guitars)

004: ALBÉNIZ: Córdoba (3 Guitars)

005: ALBÉNIZ: Sevilla (3 Guitars)

006: ALBÉNIZ: Capricho Catalán (3 Guitars)

007: ALBÉNIZ: Orientale (3 Guitars)

008: ALBÉNIZ: Aragón (3 Guitars)

009: ALBÉNIZ: Cataluña (3 Guitars)

010: ALBÉNIZ: Seguidillas (3 Guitars)

011: ALBÉNIZ: Serenata Arabe (3 Guitars)

012: ALBÉNIZ: Mallorca (3 Guitars)

013: ALBÉNIZ: Tango (3 Guitars)

014: RAVEL: Pavane pour une Infante Défunte (4 Guitars)

015: GRANADOS: Aparicion (2 Guitars)

016: SCARLATTI: Sonata K.87 (2 guitars)

017: TELEMANN: Partie Polonoise (2 Guitars)


019: GRIEG: Two Pieces - Bondens Sang and Tak (4 Guitars)

020: HANDEL: Concerto Grosso op.6, no.1 (8 Guitars)

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