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Raymond Burley

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Gradus Ad . . .

Gradus Ad

A good few years ago Gilbert Biberian and I performed several programmes of guitar duos and poetry readings. The music comprised a selection of pieces from Gilbert’s cycle ‘Gradus Ad . . .’, the poetry was chosen and read by actress Freda Dowie. Unfortunately it was never recorded for commercial release.

Gilbert and I have had a lot of fun recently performing some old and new pieces from the set in conjunction with poetry written and read by Peter and Alice Oswald.

I’m very happy to announce that next spring Gilbert and I will be recording a substantial portion of ‘Gradus Ad . . .’ for CD release. For those of you not familiar with the music I recommend it wholeheartedly. The pieces - in four volumes - are concise but masterpieces of guitar duo writing.

updated: 11 years ago