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Raymond Burley

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Matanya Ophee (1932-2017)

Matanya Ophee 19322017
I've just heard the sad news that musicologist and publisher Matanya Ophee has died.

Our paths crossed from time to time at guitar festivals both in this country and in the US. We corresponded regularly, most recently a few months ago regarding the 10 Concert Études of Giulio Regondi. Several years ago Matanya undertook the task of tracking down and publishing the set. I had owned a manuscript copy of Étude no.9 for many years. Curiously my copy differed somewhat from Matanya's version. This was of great interest to him. Matanya was often very opinionated and controversial but time spent with him was never dull.

I hope his publishing company Editions Orphée is able to continue as over the years it produced a wealth of important guitar literature.

updated: 6 years ago