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The London College of Music Classical Guitar Syllabus

The London College of Music Classical Guitar Syllabus
A few months ago Tony Skinner, the guitar coordinator for the London College of Music, asked if I would be interested in assisting him in compiling the next LCM Classical Guitar exam syllabus. Having helped with the previous syllabus I knew it was something that would occupy a fair amount of time, nevertheless I was still more than happy to be involved.

Due credit must go to Tony Skinner who spent an inordinate amount of time collating and typesetting the music, proof-reading, etc. and throughout it all his enthusiasm never seemed to falter. I hope the new syllabus proves to be popular, as I believe the requirements offer a great deal of variety and interest, plus I feel the syllabus is a realistic standard throughout.  

The new LCM Classical Guitar syllabus is in 10 volumes: Steps 1 and 2, followed by Grades 1-8. The books are beautifully produced and are very reasonably priced. Each volume includes the set pieces for the grade (although there is a supplementary list), performance notes, scales, examples of the sight-reading requirements, aural tests and viva voce; an entry form is also provided.

For more information go to the Published Music section of my website and scroll down to the Educational category, or  view the PDF file below.

updated: 15 years ago